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Anti-Money Laundering

In accordance with USA PATRIOT Act Section 352 (US 31 CFR 103.137) many of the insurance carriers are now requiring that agents establish and/or maintain Anti-Money Laundering programs. Failure to do so will result in appointments being rejected by certain carriers.

What are the consequences of not having your AML completed?

  1. It could stop you from getting contracted by the carrier.
  2. It could stop your business from being processed by the carrier.
  3. It could stop your commissions from being paid.

Helpful tips about the AML certification:

  • All agents need to complete the base course.
  • If a carrier requires specific AML training, agents will be required to complete carrier specific training as well.
  • Keep your user id and password handy for future use.
  • Print the screen after completion of the course to provide documentation to carriers that the course is done.
  • First Income Advisors does not access to verify if AML has been completed by the producer

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training Certification

A current AML Training Certificate is needed from within the past 2 years for most Carriers – within 1 year for Great American, National Western,  and AIG.

If you need it – this is the link to take a course update from LIMRA:

If we know your current LIMRA password, we can enter it in Surance Bay’s LIMRA/Surance Bay link to “pull over” your current LIMRA AML Training certificate.

If you prefer to enter your LIMRA password in Surance Bay, please follow these directions:

Make sure that you have logged out of the LIMRA website and closed your browser.

Log in to Surance Bay with this link:

Then Click on “My Info” ”Training” tab Click on “Download from LIMRA” button Review and Click on “I agree” bullet Enter current LIMRA password Click on “Get Screenshot” button If a “Success” box pops up; “It Worked”.

  • An AML Training Certificate from another Course Provider will usually be acceptable. Please send a pdf copy so that we can document your training.

Carriers do not generally accept AML training completed at another carrier.