AIG Product Specific Training on Quest CE platform.
This training can be completed prior to being appointed.

If you run into any Quest technical issues à problems navigating their site, please contact Quest help desk at 877-593-3366.

AIG agent website:


Advisor Training (If not yet completed):

NAIC  4-hour Annuity Suitability Training (or state equivalent)

Proof of this training is required prior to getting a client signature on annuity business in most states.

Annuity Suitability Training:


AIG Annuities – Fixed and Income Product – Specific Training (Formerly the Horizon Fixed Annuity series)

Course Description: Fixed Deferred Income and Single Premium Immediate Annuity Training

AIG Annuites – Index Annuity Product Specific Training   I5281CB.11
Course Description: Power 7 Protector and Power 10 Protector Index Annuities Training

AIG Annuities – Index Annuity Product – Specific Training: I5281LS.14
Course Description: Power Select Plus Income and Power Select Builder Index Annuities Training

Current AML is needed for AIG (from within the past 12 months)