Athene Product Training

Athene product training is required prior to selling any Athene annuity. You are only required to take training for the products you choose to sell.

Athene agent website:


Please take care of any outstanding requirements before submitting business.

The Product Codes below will be required on the REGED site.

Click here for RegEd site.

Please have the appropriate code(s) easily accessible.

If you need assistance with a login you already have or with navigating the REGED website, please call the RegEd Help Desk at 800-334-8322, option 2 for assistance.

Athene Product Course RegEd Product Code / Login
Athene AgilitySM 7 Agility7_2018
Athene AgilitySM 10 Agility10_2018
Athene AgilitySM 7, 10 Agility710_2018
Athene AscentSM Accumulator 5, 7 ACCUM57_2017
Athene AscentSM Accumulator 5, 7, 10 ACCUM5710_2017
Athene AscentSM Pro 7 PRO7_2017
Athene AscentSM Pro 7, 10 PRO710_2017
Athene AscentSM Pro Bonus PROBO_2017
Athene ProtectorSM 5, 7 Protect57_2018
BalancedChoice® Annuity Elevate Athene_2016Ele
Athene Benefit 10SM B10_2014
Athene MaxRate® MaxRate_2017
Athene MaxRate® NY MaxRateNY_2017
Athene MYGSM MYG_2016
Athene MYGSM NY 17Athene_02NY
Athene Performance Elite® PerformanceElite_2015
Athene SPIA SPIA_2016