North American’s Annuity product training is completed through RegEd’s training platform and can be accessed via the following link: If you do not already have a RegEd login, please register per the attached instructions.

If you need assistance with a login you already have, please call the RegEd Help Desk at 800-334-8322, option 2 for assistance.

Once in RegEd, you may see North American listed as an affiliated company under which you can review and/or complete Annuity product training. If North American is not yet listed, you can still complete the product training by entering the Course IDs as shown below and per attached. The RegEd Basics attachment walks you through this process.

North American agent website:


Course ID Module/Course Name

15SFGNAC_01 – NAC Benefit Solutions 15SFGNAC_05 – NAC Guarantee Choice MYGA 15SFGNAC_09 – NAC Retire Choice 15SFGNAC_11 – NAC Charter Plus 15SFGNAC_13 – NAC Income Choice 15SFGNAC_16 – NAC Performance Choice 15SFGNAC_18 – NAC Income SPIA
17SFGNAC_21 – NAC VersaChoice 18SFGNAC_19 – NAC Strategic Design Annuity X

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

NORTH AMERICAN -Product Training